Ten facts about me:


1) I’m Polish. My parents, two older siblings, and everyone else I’m related to live in Poland (mostly in Wroclaw and Warsaw)


2) The first fact makes me a bit of a black sheep in my family. I’ve always done things differently.


3) I laugh a lot, and when I laugh hard it’s kind of a wild scene.


4) I fell in love in with an Italian-American and now we have a half-Polish, half-Italian boy (his name is Pasqualino, he’s two and I’m madly in love with him!)


5) Yoga helps me quiet my busy mind. 


6) Audible changed the way I “read” but I still love to fall asleep with a book in my hand (I read about 2 pages before I’m out)


7) I love dancing. Dancing puts me in a really awesome mood. I often turn on my favorite pandora station and just dance around my house. My lil’ boy usually joins the dance party.


8) After a few years in marketing I finally went after my dream of being a photographer.


9) I studied film at Columbia College and I love movies! Especially those with subtitles.


10) I’m not a good cook (I’m sure my Italian-half would love to see some improvement)



How I became passionate about photography: 


My first memory of photography is of my older brother taking pictures of me and my sister with his East-German camera, Praktica. As a child I was intrigued by his total immersion in the act of picture taking. I later developed my own passion for photography when I became a young adult. By then, all that was left from my childhood were the photographs. The photographs weren’t the staged “cheesey” type of photos, but photos taken of moments beautiful in their honesty and imperfection. They were the photos that told a story of a family that wasn’t perfect but was full of love and support. It wasn’t so much the longing to go back to those childhood times, but the desire to create the photographic memories for my family and other families that led me to become a photographer.

There are so many photographers out there! Why should I hire you?


No two people see an object the same way. The same applies to photography. When you hire me you acquire a particular vision for your wedding that comes from my life and professional experience. Since I’m sentimental and I love to laugh I excel at candid and joyful moments. My experience in Film School and my love for cinema will naturally shape my images to feel more like a story.  My passion for dance means that the images will have lots of movement and lightness.


What’s your philosophy on wedding photography?


I try go deep with what I capture. I look and wait for intimate glances, exciting gestures, and soft touches that are the true representation of how you feel on your wedding day. I capture little moments that add up to the STORY and FEEL of your wedding day. A stylish wedding will inspire my eyes. A wedding full of love and affectionate family & friends will inspire my heart and more importantly your heart. When you look back at your wedding photos I want you to recall the emotions and the happiness your families and friends experienced. I want you to also see through my eyes a side of your wedding which you weren’t able to see on the big day.


How do you create those authentic and emotion filled images?


It’s only possible to capture those moments when you let me in and we establish a connection. Only then am I able to capture your authentic selves along with how your family and friends FELT. Frequently, I’ll capture your smile when you don’t even realize I’m there. Often times, you won’t even be looking into a camera. Those are truly precious moments that cannot be reproduced or orchestrated. Even during the portraits part of the day, I don’t direct but rather set a stage so that the true you comes through in the photographs. It’s about our connection, finding the perfect light, and creating a space for you to reveal your outer and inner beauty!


Take a look at my photographs. If what you see makes you feel something, let me know!