Chicago Lifestyle Family PhotographerGolden hour family photos

Thank you for looking through my Chicago Lifestyle Family photographer post! I shared it mainly to show my potential clients how golden hour family photos look like. Recently, I received a family session inquiry where a mom was suggesting to take photos mid-day. I had to convince her that taking photos around so called golden hour (close to sunset) makes the photos soooo much better! The light in the late afternoon is the most flattering and soft, the air has a warm tone to it and I’m able to capture the sun flares that make the photos look so magical! 

Another ingredient to getting good family photos is not to talk my subjects into anything, but to love them exactly who they are. In the case of this family session, the two years old Simon (whom I adore and had a chance to photograph before – you can see the session here), was the perfect toddler. Energetic and little mischievous! He was running, playing and you couldn’t get him to pause for a second. And that was perfect! We created authentic and fun photographs that this wonderful family will cherish forever.

I hope you enjoyed this Chicago lifestyle family photographer post!