Goodbye Summer


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As I was saying goodbye to summer I pulled out some photos from our July vacation in Northern California. I’m already nostalgic for this past summer and then I realized that it was the last summer of not being a parent! Yes, we are expecting a baby boy this fall 🙂  We’re thrilled that our little family is expanding! Our 10 day vacation was just what future mama & growing baby needed. I follow the advice of yoga and meditation masters who believe that connecting with Mother Earth is crucial to our emotional and physical health. We did a lot of connecting with Mother Earth in Northern Cali. I noticed that walking (or napping!) on a beach, hiking in a forest, or biking in the country boosts my energy and creativity (and I’m sure the baby appreciated the time off too!) It’ll be great to show those photos to our son one day and tell him “Hey look! Your travels started early on.” 🙂