Jewish Wedding Photography ChicagoBlack and white photography


Tamar and Zach’s wedding was only the second Jewish wedding I’ve ever photographed. And it’s also one of my favorites that I’ve ever photographed!


What did I like about this wedding? First off, Tamar and Zach have this young, passionate love that’s super inspiring. They were both so excited to get married and weren’t shy to show the emotions. Tamar freely expressed her admiration for Zach and you can see  Zach’s more subdued but equally powerful passion and love for Tamar. They reminded me of modern day versions of Patricia and Michel from Jean-Luc Godard’s “Breathless”. Once I started taking portraits of Tamar and Zach the movie kept popping in my head and influenced me to edit most of the images in black and white. See the movie and you’ll know what I’m talking about!


What I also loved about this wedding was the multitude of Jewish rituals present throughout the day. Signing of the Ketubah, seven blessings, breaking of the glass, blessing of the challah, and hora dancing all evoke many emotions of joy, anticipation, sadness, reflection, and love that were so wonderful to photograph. It was a busy day for me trying to capture all those emotions but a day I’ll always remember.


Now Tamar and Zach happily live in Tel Aviv where Zach writes his novel that will be published soon. Ah! aren’t they romantic???


Tamar and Zach, wishing you a lifetime of happiness…..