Same sex Chicago elopement photographyCaldwell Lily Pond elopement



Matt and Kevin reached out to me for elopement photography at the beginning of summer 2017. They came from L.A. to Chicago (Matt’s hometown) in mid August to have the families witness their exchange of vows.

We met in downtown Chicago to capture the feel of the city in the photographs. I was glad we met early morning as the summer heat was climbing by the minute. By the time a cab took us to the Caldwell Lily pond ceremony location it was already 11:00am and very hot. One of my favorite photos from this wedding isn’t a posed photo with a grand location on the background, but rather an image of a small gesture between Kevin and his dad that speak volumes of the father-son relationship.  It was the moment right after the ceremony when Kevin’s dad pulled out his handkerchief so that Kevin could wipe the heat from his face. Moments like this make my work so much more meaningful.

Photographing this Chicago elopement left me more compassionate and understanding that Love is Love and hopeful that people around the world will soon be able to marry who they love. I hope you feel the many emotions of the day in the photographs.

Many years of happiness to you, Kevin and Matt!